Checked bank balance

Now officially near bankruptcy, so sent the following to people I know, or at least have met once, well realistically anyone who’s email I have. A begging letter never does any harm!


Primarily we are collecting for charity, but at the moment they now have more money than us. 🙂

Therefore please help that we don’t die of starvation, or hypothermia, run out of petrol, or are forced to work in a Russian McDonalds for 50 cents a day.

That we are not forced to live off the land  (see first point about dying of starvation), eat acorns or whatever they have there.

That due to the ridiculous alcohol prices, we are not forced to drink only water at freezing North Cape.

Any money at all is welcome, and if we make it back home, we can then bore you all senseless at the welcoming party at Fischmarkt on 2 July!

Give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling of generosity about helping your fellow friends, and donate.

There is a paypal link on our site here –


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