5 thoughts on “Mucke

  1. Ray Kurzweil Reply

    Thank you for this smashing playlist!

    The only concern I have with all this wild music is that it probably won’t foster safe driving 😉

  2. Mats Bullnacken Reply

    Never waist gasoline without that…

    Can’t you smell that whiskey burn
    This is how the big dogs run
    Boy you’re ridin’ shotgun
    Buckle up, and let’s have some fun

    Fu Manchu – Hell On Wheels (The Road Warrior)

  3. Mats Bullnacken Reply

    Some inspiring musicians:

    Orange Goblin – Time Traveling Blues
    Queens of the stone age – Go with the flow
    Kyuss – Space cadet
    The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes
    Pantera – Planet caravan

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