Two Ls, some P, and a lot of R

So after our breakfast and wine tasting this morning, there we were in the middle of a large Latvian national park, the question being where to go next. Kaliningrad would be good, with the drive over the water, the name of which I cannot  remember, but after discussion we decided we really need to cover some kilometres today, and our experience with the Russian bord control has not exactly been the best.

First we had to do the task for the day, which was to visit some hill in Latvia which a load of crosses on it, very religious, even had a pope or two visit, the hill is renowned for absolutely nothing of interest ever having happened there. Still pissing down, but at least it was surprisingly cheap. Anyway we dumped a cross there as we were supposed to and on we went.

Someone came up with the bright idea of taking the shortest root along the border, instead of the normal a-roads, during the day this was fine and vaguely interesting, we saw some of Riga in passing, lots of storks, and a lot of backstreet Lithuania, there was a need to try Lithuanian cuisine, so we went to Hessburger, for the authentic taste.

More driving, then at about 20:00 crossed the border into Poland (sign on a stick saying Poland), we had heard at this point that some people had been waiting on the Russian border for about 7 hours, and felt glad we had not taken that route. Found a polish supermarket, bought rolls, cheeses and had a decent meal in the supermarket carpark.

Was now getting dark, and the  b/c roads we were on, was getting stressful to drive, we had a hostel booked in Danzig, luckily with a 24 hour reception, we just had to get there. A lot of roadworks, stress, and hours later we arrived about 02:00 at the hostel, some wanted to go on and meet another team, some wanted to go to bed. In end effect everyone went to bed, as other team came back to the hostel, and this particular part of Danzig where we are now, does not seem to have such a massive late-night nightlife.

Several hours later, a shower, a slightly rubbish breakfast, and NO coffee, time to leave the hostel and see what today has to bring.

PS.: A lot of R meant it pissed down almost non-stop.

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