The fourth day

Tldr (too long didn’t read): drove, went to supermarket, arrived in the arctic circle, saw snow.

The long version: Had a warm shower, which pleased everyone, left without coffee, which didn’t please me at least. Reaching the stage where navigating and map reading is easy due to the fact there are not a lot of roads to choose from. Chose one and drove down(up) it a while, stopped at a supermarket to buy warm clothes, and an extremely stinky can of swedish “speciality” fish fish, so special banned from most major airlines, for the days challenge, our female team members opened it underwater in the supermarket toilet, to the joy of no-one, having smelled it, the days challenge got ignored and it was tied in a plastic bag to the tow hook.

Carried on driving, missed the border to Norway completely, and only realized when we reached the crossing point into the arctic circle point, due to the flags we were already in Norway. Stopped there for a bit to enjoy being in the arctic circle and look at snow.

No longer sure of when, but at some point met up with another team, who helpfully pointed out, we should no really drive with the handbrake on, as this will fuck our brakes. Agreed with them and said we would try and avoid it in the future.

Other teams now about, so in our usual blind incompetence, followed them to a town with a ferry we did not want to go to, turned round to try and find the road we actively wanted to be on. Met another team from hamburg who were also looking for somewhere to camp, drove back until we found a great campsite, with a usable kitchen, pitched tents, drunk the other teams revolting schnapps, got drunk, went to bed.

ps.: saw some elks in either Sweden or Norway

One thought on “The fourth day

  1. R. Kurzweil Reply

    Be carefull with the “elks” you saw. They can appear unexpectedly, which can be a cause of trouble: in the worst case you’ll have to negotiate with it’s Sami owner because “it was the best reindeer” of the herd. Apart from violating the zero harm policy…

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