Some small countries

All looking vaguely awake and not fit at all at about 11:00, time for coffee and pack again, slowly getting good at it, and off to Tallin, was a relatively short 200 kms and we found a parking space near the center. More coffee was needed fast, people (in this case me), were becoming irritated about the lack of coffee.

And there we were in the capital of Estonia, with ca 450,000 tallins, and about 1.2 milion tourists. City quite medieval, quite a few nice churches and old buildings, but too many tourists.

Everyone getting hungry, the culteral part of the team wanted to eat Estonianish, so we went to a Tex-Mex, for a takeaway, the food looked good, and there were some chilies with melted cheese in them, these were passed round for all to eat. This was a mistake, as they really were very high up the scole scale of hotness, the team was very nearly left with 1 member less, but after a certain amount of panic, dry retching and unhappyness, they survived.

We left Talin, now on our way to a vinery for an interview for one of our sponsers, Estonai, Latvian border, much more to our taste, a blue shield and we were in Latvia, the day had been perfect weather up until now, and then it started to rain, no joy contacting the vinery, until very late, an interview is now arranged for 09:00 tomorrow morning. A campsite was found, with a certin amount of mutiny going on, as camping in the pouring rain (thunder,lightning) is as much fun as root canal work. Luckily the campsite had one room, which was immediately booked, food was cooked, everyone now tired and grumpy.

Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight, and things will be back to normal tomorrow night. Would post this now, but as the campsite, the first place where the wifi site is posted clearly, has wifi, the password does not work. So finished writing it now at midnight, and will post when a working wifi is found again.

So still pissing down this morning, already had a “berries” wine tasting,  so alcohol need for the morning is now covered, now time for coffee and breakfast, and working wifi.

Discussion about where to go next, more to follow later ……

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