On the road again

So woke up, everyone packed started loading up the cars, the other team were ready first and went off to get coffee and some breakfast for all, part of our team came down with their stuff, decided to also get breakfast and coffee, the rest of team came down, went to get coffee and something for breakfast. Organisation now similar to herding cats, a short time later with about 12 coffees for seven, sandwiches, cakes, other things, now high on caffeine we were finally underway again. Relativly short trip today, only St Petersberg to smewhere in Estonia for a party. About 2 hours later, we arrived at the border, where we were privileged to witness the enormous queue in front of us. The non cultural part of the team was completely unhelpful and went to find a supermarket to buy some beer, and then sat on a patch of grass drinking beer, watching the queue go past at about 5 cars pro 20 minutes, luckily the more responsble part of the team did not, else we would still be stuck on a Russian border. After a mere 6 hours, showing what seemed to be about 30 different border guards our passport, letting some female guard shine her obviously magical torch into every door, and in the back which was completely full, luckily it discovered nothing.

Then onto entry into Estonia, 1 woman, 1 password check and we were through, a quick 250kms later, some minor discussions, nerves were a bit raw after the long wait at the border and at 23:00 we arrived at the part forest. Put up the tents, ate something, found a metal bucket and made fire in it. Then went to giant teepee to chat with other rally teams, and drink more  beeet, got bored with that went back to our own fire, the more active of the team went off to have a sauna, everyone at some point about 05:00 went to bed, brought back memories of Norway, it was so light.

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