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So rubbish breakfast behind us, emergency find a coffee, success the day is looking good. We had a look around, Danzig is impressive looking, v.old, v.nice, unfortunately we discovered it’s all a con, every where had been bombed to hell and rebuilt, so let’s be serious you could have rebuilt everything about 200 kms away and it would still be original as now.

But tonight I am not being cynical, Danzig, looked impressive, it is the Baltic Sea Rally at the moment, lots of people, lots of tourists, an interesting city. Enough being general, we as team found some coffee, thank god, and then split up unusually, part of the culture team had a plan, which is good, but unusually the other part of the culture team decided to join the random ‘what the hell is going on’ team, and a very welcome addition she was. We walked through Danzig, saw whatever we were supposed to see, and then thought we should see Lech’s museum, ahh Solidarnisch who changed history. Bit of a walk across some vague westland and we found an absolutely stunning iron building, which rusts. Looked fantastic, inside also, paid our money for the tour, and very very impressive, headphones, mulitple languages, films, rooms, origininal things, if you are in anyway interested in politics, visit this museum.

After so much culture, discovered we were already 30 minutes late to meet our team member, …took a tram, due to the fact we had a competent member with us, who was able to read maps, and understand things, we got on a tram going in the right direction. Got vaguely near our hostel (…which was actually near the Hilton) and time to be on our way.

I could write the following in one or two ways, it is already late, and we have talked about things, so you get the nice historical way.

The plan was to go over the small coast roads and find a camp site for our last night, we made it, the first camp site was not ideal, we carried on and found another, this would do fine for the night.

…..the second way of things, we theoretically drove along the coast, until as some point it was discovered, ha no we are not, no moaning these things can happen, change of route, admit I spent the next two hours being in a shitty mood, as I hated the route, hated the destination, hated the music, disliked the it’s pissing down camping idea, and just generally being myself. Minor stress in the car, I accept that I have democratically lost this one, such is life. Get to the whatever town we are and it is like a ‘kick ass here we go’ holiday place, very busy, very full..

We go to the first campsite, a piece of waste ground surrounded by hotels, go to the next, has some water near it, which is apparently not the baltic sea. Food made, was impressively good, get moaned at by a stupid dog, get told we should not smoke and have some discussions. First at our table…we are too loud, go the the place where we can smoke and meet a polish woman in her dressing gown, meet her twice, get bored and go back to hanging around by the toilets. Ignoring the circumstances, was an overdue and good conversation, we have spent 16 days closed in a small cage, we have had very few problems,  and after tonight we have even less.

Tomorrow is a new day, we all love each other again and could go for another 16 days, but for a small break we are back where we started between 17:00-1/:00, happy to meet non argumentative people, ideally with a beer in the hand they want to give away.

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