Day 6 – Norway, land of stupid weather, tunnels and curvy roads

So woke up this morning and absolutely pissing down, fed up with Norway already.
Stopped raining for 2 minutes, and we have sun, beginning to like Norway now, starts pissing down again, stops, starts, decide to remain neutral on Norway for the moment. So used the kitchen again, made lots of coffee due to the fact we only have a coffee machine for one large cup at a time. Decided to repack the car again, which had to be done in the slight short pauses when the rain stopped.
And away we go, I’m driving and it’s fun, up, down, lots of curves, tunnels, very entertaining. After about 150kms by which time the team members in the back were trying not to be sick, we needed a toilet break, made the mistake of believing a norwegian road shield, which pointed to a garage to the left, drove approx 50 kms that way, found a garage and were told no toilets, a café was found though. Drove back 50 kms to the road we were supposed to be on, and then further to the ferry port. Discovered just missed the ferry by 5 minutes and would have to wait an hour, so unpacked everything because we could, set up table, chairs, started cooking, drinking beer in the queue for the ferry. Absolutely perfect timing, just finished and the ferry arrived, repacked everything again (getting good at it now) and onto the ferry.

Reached the other side of wherever the ferry goes and carried on driving, today we actually have somewhere to reach as there is a party for all of the participants of the rally. Drove for ages, weather cleared up and no longer raining every 5 minutes, the landscape is impressive, and if the price of alcohol wasn’t so insane would actually be quite a nice place for a holiday.

Anyway arrived in Gimsøya where we were not the first but not the last either, would say we finally had a beer but we already had one on the ferry, so had another beer, and put up the tents.

Met the ‘Sahneschlitten’ team again from yesterday and got invited for a gin and tonic, having then run out of gin, had vodka and lemon, having run out of vodka went back to beer. Grilled badly on an almost out grill, managed at least to eat something. The combination of gin and vodka encouraged some team members to a moment of insanity and they had a quick dip in the not very warm ice sea.

Spoke to a lot of other teams, have unfortunately no recollection what any of them said, but it was no doubt informative and entertaining. Somewhat disorienting that it’s always light and does not get dark at all. Normally would go to bed when it gets light, where as now went to bed shortly before falling over.


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