Day 6 – I think

So woke up still somewhat pissed after about three hours of sleep, decided that should not drive the first shift. We packed everything up, discovered the rest of the field of rally companions had already all fucked off. Anyway we left at about 11:00, drove about 20 kms and stopped at a restaurant. We had received a donation with the wish that eat well somewhere, the time had come. Mussels, bouillabaisse, fish soup, these rubbish drying on sticks all over the place, and of course a bottle of wine, so that we kept a good alcohol base going. Food was excellent, apart from the stick fish, which was boring, personally I had the mussels, so didn’t worry about that. Then discovered smoked whale was on the menu, so ordered that too, looked like bündnerfleisch, tasted like bündnerfleisch, general opinion, not worth the effort.

Norway is somewhat expensive, so now broke, full and drunk, time to get started at what we are supposed to be doing.

About 950 kms from Nordkapp, 2 days left to get there and about 13:00, the day’s plan was going well. Drove a lot, looked at the scenery, mountains, lakes, snow, basically what you get if you google Norway.

Kept driving, decided to visit the norwegian alps, and then get a ferry tomorrow. Actually covered aboit 460 kms, now 23:00 so time to stop for the day, followed a sign put up by a norwegian with a perverse sense of humor, another 22 kms, another sign, camping 400 mtrs, and then lo and behold no campsite. Spent 5 minutes cursing the norwegians, drove back. Found an ideal spot of ground next to a working stone mine, so pitched tents and made some food. Discovered it’s amazingly loud loading a ship with stone, had a shouty conversation over the food, so that we hear each other, and wondered if this was the perfect place to sleep, and then a miracle, half full ship decided to bugger off and take everyone with it. So now actual peace and quiet, not raining, but fuck me its cold, 1 degree, not exactly great camping weather.

Anyway now 1:30, completely light, and time for bed.

PS. Discovered previous information about seeing some elks was complete bollocks, the were in fact reindeer.

PPS Drove through not a boring tunnel(well as well) but a cool one.

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  1. french connection Reply

    Aufstehen, Kaffee trinken, Blog lesen, hahaha, noch ein Kaffee und auf Update warten.

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