Day 3

After some discussion we decided our drive in circles navigation technique could be improved on, so this was the drive straight and keep going day.

Woke up early enough at about 7:00 (well I did, everyone else was already awake), made some coffee, ready to get an early start. Then packed and unpacked the car for fun, and we were off, 2 kms later we stopped, to check out the town, get more coffee, go the supermarket etc. and yes then at about 9:00 we were off again.

Getting used to Sweden now, basically forests, lakes, small towns and lots of pizza restaurants. Drove in a vaguely straight line for a couple of hours, went to a military surplus shop to solve our lack of cooking pots problem, they had none, drove on, went to the equivalent of Bauhaus and actually got some camping pots.

Stopped to check the oil, like the professionals we, and because someone thought of it

Then you could tell we were making progress as our beautiful sunny day changed, it started pissing down, and got colder. Ignored this apart from all complaining, if it was this bad now, what was it going to be like further north. Decided at about 20:00, no point in stopping as no one wanted wet tents if avoidable. By about 23:00, several kilometers further, it had stopped raining (still bloody cold), so time for food, paused next to one of the inevitable lakes and ate. Then off again for another couple of hours, found a place to camp next to a stream for a change, have covered about 1000 kilometers today and so have made some progress.

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  1. Ede Reply

    wow 1000km last day that is a lot … congratulations for your roadtrip until now & and I wish you 1st of all a lot of fun and a safe trip as well…good luck best regards ede

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